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District court is where most people in the court system will appear. On any given week a District Court judge comes in contact with hundreds of people, whether it is in family court, juvenile court, or drug treatment court, and they are given the chance to impact the lives of others for the better on a daily basis. A Judge has the opportunity to punish those deserving, make an injured person whole through compensation, give someone a second chance, or order someone to get the treatment they need to save their life. As a judge I would have the privilege of upholding citizens’ faith in the justice system and ensuring justice is served.

As a volunteer Judge for the Capital Area Teen Court Program, Asia has been given a glimpse into what it is like to serve as a Judge. He has learned how to take control of a courtroom, to make quick decisions, and to clearly give directions to the jury. Further, he has been able to provide a word of advice and encouragement to the young people in
his courtroom to help make a difference in their lives.


As a District Court Judge, Asia will work to uphold the citizens of Wake County’s faith in the justice system and ensure that justice is fairly served to everyone who comes into his court room, without regard to race, gender or socioeconomic status.”